Diesel fuel "TANECO"

A few years ago, while on a long journey, I poured fuel at some country gas station - and after a few kilometers the engine of the car “died”: it lost power, “sneezed”, smoked, the car began to twitch ... Somehow it reached the village service , where the gas tank was removed and washed, they showed - sand in gasoline! They poured 10 liters “on the track” and advised to wash the fuel system, injectors - otherwise you won’t see the former power! But it was so far from home! We must at least refuel ... Fortunately, the lights of the gas station - "Tatneft" - appeared on the road. Filled the 95th, as they say, "under the cork." And a real miracle happened: the car passed kilometer after kilometer, the engine ran smoother and smoother, stopped smoking, the fuel consumption of the Tiguan became less and less, and soon I again enjoyed the same power and throttle response of the engine.

Of course, I went to the service in Moscow - to clear my conscience. But he could not call in: the masters said that the fuel system was in perfect order. And there are no miracles - just high technologies in oil refining and care for the consumer. Since then - for prevention - I specially refuel at Tatneft, since there are more than 110 of them in the Moscow region, and more than 550 in the Russian Federation. In addition, Tatneft gas stations have almost everything that a motorist himself needs, and to his passengers. Shop and cafe with free Wi-Fi, aromatic coffee and hot sandwiches. And of course, high-quality fuel - both gasoline and diesel. Now the “fuel line” includes TANECO Euro-5 diesel fuel.

So, what is TANECO diesel fuel? This latest development of the company is produced by the TANECO refinery complex in Nizhnekamsk and has already passed bench tests at the Central Laboratory of Fuels and Oils of the Scientific and Technical Center of OJSC KamAZ. Comparison of TANECO diesel fuel with base samples showed a noticeable increase in the maximum net power and engine torque. The engine itself warms up faster, runs more evenly, with a noticeable reduction in noise and vibration. Also noted was a decrease in fuel consumption, a significant decrease in harmful emissions, a decrease in smoke and soot, an increase in the resource of the Fiat Punto engine engine - https://fiat-punto-cars.info/engine-removal-procedures/62-engine-and-transmission-removal -separation-connection-and-refitting . Moreover, tests have shown that TANECO diesel fuel samples exceed Euro-5 standards in some respects - for example, in terms of sulfur content. In TANECO diesel fuel, it is four (!) times lower than in Euro-5 standard fuel samples!

Tatneft has prepared a really pleasant surprise for fans of diesel engines. All motorists know about the advantages of the latter - efficiency and good traction at low speeds, but sometimes the quality of motor fuel makes them "naughty". But you can forget about whims if you fill in diesel fuel of the TANECO brand. It is already being actively implemented at Tatneft filling stations.

We started this article by talking about how sensitive modern, electronically gauged car engines are to the quality of the fuel they consume. "Bodyazhennaya" gasoline, low-quality diesel can play a cruel joke on the driver, fail on the way and lead to costly repairs. You can avoid problems - if you refuel with proven fuel at proven gas stations.

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