In the braking system of VW Transporter T4 cars, disc brakes are used on the front wheels, and self-adjusting drum brakes on the rear wheels.
Depending on the disc size (14" or 15"), different disc brakes are used. Ventilated brake discs are installed in 15 "wheels. Various brake calipers are also installed and, therefore, brake pads and their mounting methods differ. The brake system is dual-circuit, which means that each section of the main brake cylinder serves to brake only two wheels located along The brake system T4 is equipped as standard with a vacuum booster and a rear brake pressure regulator.The
pressure regulator is not available on all-wheel drive models and models with ABS.Brake

pad adjustment

The T4 hydraulic brakes of the front and rear wheels do not require adjustment, as they are equipped with mechanical self-adjusters, which provide automatic advancing of the brake pads to the brake disc or drum as the friction linings wear out.

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