VW Transporter T4 cars , electrical equipment operates at a voltage of 12 V, the single-wire circuit - the “minus” of all wiring is located on the body.
The negative pole of the battery, which is located in the engine compartment, is also connected to the car body. To start the engine, a starter of a classical design is used.
The table below shows the starter numbers. Alternators installed in cars have a rated current of 65 or 90 A, depending on the model and manufacturer (Bosch or Valeo). The table shows the numbers of generators, as well as their correspondence to engines. The generator is driven by a V-belt from the crankshaft pulley. The electromechanical regulator serves to regulate the charging current and is attached to the back cover in all generators. The charging control lamp located on the instrument panel informs about the correct operation of the charging circuit and electrical equipment of the T4 Transporter.

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