The steering mechanism of the Volkaswagen Transporter T4 is equipped with a rack and pinion gearbox and hydraulic booster.
The system uses a safety steering column. Placed under the instrument panel, the steering column bracket folds easily. In the event of a driver's impact on the steering wheel, the bracket is deformed and due to this it absorbs the impact force.

If the model is equipped with airbags, then the driver's airbag is located in the steering wheel pad, which somewhat complicates the repair work.
When removing/installing the airbag, observe the following precautions: - switch off the ignition
- remove the terminals from the battery
- take care not to get oil, grease, fuel and paints (including solvents) on the airbag.
The steering gear and power steering pump cannot be repaired and must be replaced if damaged. After the airbag has deployed, the steering wheel must be replaced.

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