The body of VW T4 cars is completely steel, load-bearing type.
Bottom, roof, fenders (pre-1996 models) and side panels are welded or glued together. In cargo models, the onboard platform is attached to the frame chatted. The hood, tailgate, doors and fenders (models since 1996) are removable (bolted) and easily replaced if necessary.
When installing, be sure to maintain mounting clearances. The gaps between the T4 body parts must be the same around the entire perimeter. All glasses are glued and it is better to entrust their replacement to a specialized workshop.
The operating steps differ depending on the equipment of the model, so be careful to consider which model these steps apply to.

Safety precautions during repair work

When carrying out electric welding or other work on the body of the Volkswagen T4 with a 220 V power tool, the battery must first be removed from the vehicle.
Do not carry out welding, soldering or other work related to heating parts of the air conditioning system. When repairing the paintwork, it is allowed to heat the car up to a temperature not higher than +80ºС.

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