VW T4 vehicles use four- and five-speed gearboxes. The gearbox, front axle drive and differential are placed in a common housing. Therefore, it is impossible to repair any of these nodes separately without interfering with the operation of other nodes. The gearbox number depends on the type of engine and vehicle version for which the gearbox is intended. The gearbox number is stamped in place (1) (see arrow in Fig. 330). The gearbox type is stamped in place (2) (see Fig. 330). When viewed from the side, it is visible in the place shown by the arrow in Fig. 331.

Rice. 330 Number (1) and code (2) of mechanical transmission Transporter T4

Rice. 331 Transmission code T4 (side view)

Since special tools are required to repair the gearbox and drive, this book does not cover these steps.

Table 11 Main technical characteristics of the mechanical transmission T4

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