Volkswagen ignition switch

Petrol engines
1 Ignition off/engine off.
2 Ignition on.
3 Engine start/starter running.

Diesel engines
1 Fuel supply cut off/engine off.
2 Activation of preheating and position when the vehicle is moving.
During preheating operation, it is recommended to turn off other electrical appliances / current consumers. Otherwise, the battery may be discharged. 3 Engine start/starter running.

For all vehicles :

Volkswagen ignition key
position 1 To lock, turn the steering wheel with the ignition key removed until the ignition lock pin clicks audibly.

Note. If, after removing the key from the ignition, the lights or the turn signal are not switched off, then as soon as the door on the driver's side is opened, the horn will turn on.

position 2 in the Volkswagen ignition
If the ignition key is difficult or impossible to turn in the ignition, it is recommended to shake the steering wheel a little on the axle - then the steering wheel lock will be unlocked.

Position 3 - engine start
In this position, the headlights switch to the side lighting mode, and other powerful consumers of electric current are turned off.
Before each attempt to start the engine, it is necessary to return the ignition key to position 1. A device located in the ignition lock prevents the starter from turning on when the engine crankshaft is rotating and thereby protects the starter from damage.

Locking the key in the Volkswagen ignition
On vehicles with automatic transmission, the key can only be removed after the ignition is turned off if the selector lever is in the “P” position.
When the ignition key is removed, the selector lever is locked in this position.

Rear door
With the keyhole horizontal (a, see Fig. 3), the rear door lock is unlocked and locked by the central locking system.
In addition, the back door can be opened or closed with a key. When the keyhole (c) is in the vertical position, the tailgate lock will be locked when closed.
♦ To unlock the rear door lock, turn the key clockwise until it stops (c) and hold it in this position.
♦ Pull the handle in the direction of the arrow (see fig. 4) and open the Volkswagen Transporter T4 .

Rice. 4 Door handle

Rice. 5 Volkswagen ignition switch

On some vehicle versions it is necessary to turn the spare wheel carrier to the right before opening the tailgate.
To open the door with the keyhole horizontal, pull the handle in the direction of the arrow (Fig. 4).

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