How to open the door from the inside

On some versions of the T4 Transporter, a special handle or handle for emergency opening of the lock is located on the inside of the rear door;
this handle can be reached through a hole in the door trim. This allows, if necessary, to open the door from the inside to leave the car through the rear door. Child safety latch (see fig. 6, 7)

Rice. 6 Child safety sliding door latch

Rice. 7 Passenger door safety latch for children

Cars with a rear door and a handle for opening from the passenger compartment are equipped with an additional latch that increases the safety of transporting children.
The latch makes it more difficult to open the door, reducing the ability of children to open the rear door from the inside while driving. When the latch is fixed - the lever at the lock is lowered - the door opening handle is locked.
The rear door can only be opened from the outside. The rear door is locked if the keyhole is vertical, and if the central lock is turned on, it is also horizontal.
After closing the rear door, it is recommended to check the security of the lock by hand, otherwise the rear door may open when driving, even if the lock is locked.
Long-term parking with the rear door open while the engine is running is not recommended, as in this case exhaust gases will enter the passenger compartment.

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