Power windows

The power window control switch T4 for both windows is located on the driver's door (see Fig. 11).
There is also a switch in the front passenger door handle. Window regulators Transporter T4 are equipped with an overload protection system.
Closing of the window is automatically terminated if the glass movement force exceeds the allowable limit. The power windows do not work if one of the side or rear doors is open. If the car is locked from the outside with the key, the power windows do not work.

11 Power window control panel of the T4 Conveyor 1 - driver's door,
2 - front passenger's door.

Power window operation with ignition on

When you press the corresponding switch (the edge closest to the seat) and briefly hold the button in this position, the window automatically opens completely.
Pressing the switch button again stops the glass. When you press the corresponding switch (the edge farthest from the seat), the window closes completely.

Pressing the button again stops the glass. Overload protection

1 If something prevents the closing (lifting) of the glass of one of the front doors, the window opens to the stop.
2 if the glass opens again, you are advised to try to lift it again within 5 seconds by holding the corresponding switch.
If the window does not close due to difficult movement of the glass or because of any obstacle, then the glass stops in an intermediate position. 3 If the window has stopped, you can press and hold the lift switch again within 5 seconds to close the window.
The window will now close without being affected by the overload protection device. If the pause between individual actions exceeds 5 seconds, the system will switch to the initial mode and the glass will open again completely at the next attempt to raise it.

Closing the window

♦ Hold the Transporter T4 power window switch in the up position until the window is fully closed.
Please note that the window closes without overload protection.

Operation of power windows when the ignition is off

The power windows remain operational for 10 minutes after the ignition is switched off if both front and rear doors are closed.

By pressing and briefly holding the button of the corresponding switch, the window opens completely.
Pressing the button again stops the glass.

Press the front part of the switch button and hold it in this position until the window is completely closed.
Automatic lift to the stop does not work. If the movement of the glass of one of the front doors is impeded or obstructed when closing, the window opens as far as it will go (overload protection).
In this case, the window can only be closed by turning on the ignition.
After disconnecting / connecting the battery, the automatic lowering and raising of the windows ceases to function.
In order to restore the operation of the T4 power windows in this mode, do the following:
♦ Switch on the ignition and use the switch (1, Fig. 11) to fully open the driver's door window.
Then release the switch key; ♦ Press the button (1) to completely close the window.
Now the automatic mode of lowering and raising the glass works again; ♦ Repeat this operation with the power window switch (2) of the right front door.

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