Alfa Romeo moves off the asphalt

As you know, in today's production range of the FIAT automobile octopus and its subsidiaries, there is no full-fledged SUV yet.
We have already written about how the Italians are going to fill this gap, and here is another novelty, this time - Alfa Romeo. The brand, which once shone with its victories in automotive competitions, will enter the automotive market for the first time with an elegant SUV.

Back in 1997 - the year of the death of the great automobile maestro Bertone - his studio showed its version of a modern SUV at the Geneva Motor Show.
The concept was called Sportut and looked too futuristic to have a future as a production model. However, after the showroom, specialists from the Alfa Romeo Design Center came to grips with this car. They kind of "grounded" the car, brought it to modern technological capabilities. In the end, the appearance speaks for itself.
The characteristic hood and radiator lining immediately give out the company. The handles of the front doors are familiar, but at the rear they are located a little higher - on the door stand. The bright scarlet signature "alpha" color in combination with the silver "skirt" gives the car a traditional touch of sportiness. All work was carried out in the strictest secrecy, but, according to the first information, the SUV will have much in common with the Lancia Delta 4x4. The range of engines will be partially transferred from the 156th model, a 1.8-liter petrol and a 1.9-liter diesel will be added. As we know, the debut of new items is scheduled for 2001. Alfa Romeo's first SUV will have to win its place in the sun from competitors such as the Toyota RAV 4, Land Rover Freelander and Suzuki Vitara.

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