About a year ago, the Jeep Wrangler Club was formed in Moscow, bringing together fans of a very peculiar car, popularly nicknamed the “crazy stool”. Igor Kozlov, known for his numerous victories on the Jeep Wrangler in various off-road competitions, stood at the origins of the movement. Less than a year later, the club organized its competitions. On October 9, in the Moscow region, not far from Sofyino, the Sofyin Career Club Races were held. However, the word "races" in the title reflects rather the fighting spirit of the event: the organizing committee immediately defined it as a meeting of friends, amateur rides, and not as a professional rally. The track that had to be driven was very short and extremely winding, so that those who had no sports experience could not accelerate much and lose control of the car. But it was still not easy for the pilots: insidious mud and sand traps created many problems, and the included stopwatch added fuel to the fire. It is gratifying that the Wrangler Club did not become isolated only in its narrow circle and invited everyone to a friendly meeting. Among the 30 cars participating in the races there were many representatives of other brands. As a result, Alexander Fedin won the first place in a Jeep Wrangler, the second went to Alexei Sanko (a car of the same brand), and the third in a bitter struggle was taken by Alexei Korotkiy, a representative of the 4x4 Club, who competed at Niva. Inspired by success, the Wranglerists promise to continue their vigorous activity next year.

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