Painting brake calipers

Those who lack the capabilities of a standard production car are looking for tuning opportunities. Modifying the car, making it more dynamic and more obedient today is not a problem. And to emphasize extraordinary qualities, you can do the exterior design of the body or individual components. Brake calipers painted in bright colors have become one of the indispensable attributes of “fast” cars. Unlike complex engine or suspension setups, painting can be done by anyone. The main thing is to use a special enamel designed specifically for calipers, since the usual one will not withstand the high temperatures and aggressive environments characteristic of brake mechanisms. This is, for example, in the assortment of the German brand MOTIP - a 400 ml aerosol convenient for independent use (this is enough to paint four calipers with a margin). It is not necessary to dismantle the calipers from the car - just “jack up” the car, remove the wheel, clean the outer surface of the caliper, cover the rest of the elements (pads, discs) with thick paper and apply enamel in several thin layers (for a better result, the surface must first be primed). The work will not take much time: it will take only 10 minutes to dry each layer, and two hours are enough for the complete polymerization of the coating. MOTIP produces brake caliper enamels in three different colors: blue, yellow and red. It remains to choose which one is suitable for your car!

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