One of the few recent cars that did not live up to our expectations. And this is good news!

What do we usually expect from a modern compact crossover? A lot: a high roof over your head, more space in the trunk, reliable handling, confident dynamics ... All this we expected from the Subaru XV. But it turned out quite differently. And the car was remembered by a mass of inconsistencies with our expectations. The roof over your head is not that high, landing in chairs, respectively, too. Fortunately, on all rows there is a place where to stretch your legs. The trunk here is noticeably smaller than most competitors - the same Toyota Highlander or VW Tiguan . The capacity of the compartment in the minimum configuration (with raised backs of the sofa, under the shelf) was sacrificed to the dokatka. Justified sacrifice. The power plant is configured in a civil way on the car - gasoline 2.0, armed with a variator, drives the car very smoothly in any situation. But the suspension here is something completely different, not a hatchback, and certainly not a crossover one. Body rolls are microscopic, reactions to the steering wheel are smooth, but extremely accurate, fast ... And in terms of smoothness, this crossover is just an executive sedan! The suspension so easily fulfills almost any bumps that over time you forget and stop slowing down even in front of large potholes. A wheel pierced on the edge of an asphalt pit is usually no longer treated with sealant ... So let the Subaru XV remain not the most practical crossover in the class. But it is extremely unexpected for the segment, it steers perfectly and smoothly “spreads”.


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