Transporter T4 engine , front oil seal on a four-cylinder engine) can be replaced on the engine installed in the vehicle.
The front oil seal is located behind the camshaft sprocket, and the rear oil seal is behind the injection pump drive pulley (only in a five-cylinder engine). Access to the rear oil seal opens after dismantling the drive pulley, as described in the previous subsection. To avoid damage to the block head or camshaft, it is recommended to use special tool No. 2085 to remove the oil seal. The method of using this tool is described earlier. If you do not have this device, you can remove the oil seal with a bent screwdriver or by drilling two holes and screwing in two self-tapping screws for the support using pliers. ♦ Loosen the alternator, slide the alternator towards the engine and remove its V-belt.
♦ Remove the upper toothed belt cover.
♦ Rotate the crankshaft until the number one piston is at TDC.
This can be checked by looking into the control window of the clutch housing located on the injection pump side. The "0" mark on the flywheel must be in line with the pointer in the control window. The mark on the wheel and the mark on the pump bracket must also lie on the same line (see Fig. 205). ♦ Partially remove the toothed belt as described in the previous subsection.
Tie up the belt so that it cannot slip off the rest of the timing drive pulleys. ♦ Hold the timing pulley (eg with the device shown in fig. 206) and loosen the fastening bolt by one turn.
♦ Through the hole in the back cover of the toothed belt, insert the pin into the pulley as far as it will go and hit it with a hammer (see the place shown by the arrow in fig. 200).
The impact will move the camshaft pulley on the camshaft journal and allow it to be removed. ♦ Align the oil seal to the hole and, using a cut pipe of the appropriate diameter, install the oil seal into the seat so that the end surface of the oil seal coincides with the surface of the head of the block.
♦ Install the toothed pulley on the camshaft and fasten it with bolts and washers.
While holding the camshaft pulley, tighten the pulley mounting bolt to the recommended torque. ♦ Adjust the tension of the toothed belt as described in the section on replacing the toothed belt on a four or five cylinder T4 engine .
♦ Perform all other steps in reverse order.

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