The heater Volkswagen Transporter T4 runs on the appropriate fuel, regardless of the heating / ventilation system of the car and can work for a long time while driving or parking the car.
Fuel is supplied from the fuel tank of the car, and power is supplied from an additional battery. With the help of the timer built into the system, three different times for turning on the heater can be set.
Those. you can turn on the heater without being in the car. At the factory, the operating mode of the auxiliary heater is set to 30 minutes of continuous operation.
If desired, you can increase this time to four hours or set this mode as basic. When an additional battery is disconnected, all modes are erased, the 30-minute operating mode is restored.
On vehicles with a compartment bulkhead, only the cargo compartment is heated.
The T4 heater must be switched off when refueling the vehicle.
In this case, it must be taken into account that the switching off of the heater fan occurs, as a rule, with a delay. When the car is in a closed space (garage), the heater must also be turned off to prevent poisoning by combustion products. When driving in mud and deep snow, the exhaust pipe of the heater may be clogged.
Therefore, before turning on the heater, check the patency of the exhaust pipe. The heat exchanger of the Volkswagen T4 heater is designed for operation for 10 years.

After the expiration of this period, it is recommended to replace it with a VW service station. To do this, the year of commissioning or the date of replacement during repair is indicated on the nameplate of the heater (on the bottom of the vehicle). Additional heater

Installed only on vehicles with 75 kW engines.
When the engine is running, it additionally heats the coolant.
The resulting combustion products exit through a special exhaust pipe located in the arch of the left front wing. After the engine is turned off, the auxiliary heater fan continues to run for a while - this is normal.

Setting the current time

♦ Press and hold down the key (3, see fig. 34).
♦ Use keys (6) or (7) to set the exact current time.
♦ After installation, release the keys.
Setting the current day of the week
♦ Press and hold down the key (3).
♦ Use the key (4) to set the current day of the week.
♦ After installation, release the keys.

34. Heater control panel Transporter T4 1 - performance regulator, 2 - display, 3 - key for setting the current time and current day of the week, 4 - key for setting the time and day of the week to turn on 5 - "On" / "Off" key, 6 - key decrease the current time and turn on time, reduce the duration of work, 7 - key to increase the current time and turn on time, increase the duration of work and set the days of the week

Setting the switch-on time and day

First, use the button (4) to display one of the three switch-on times.
The following readings appear on the display in sequence (see Fig. 36): field (A) - 1st turn-on time;
field (B) - 2nd turn-on time;
field (C) - 3rd turn-on time;
field (D) — current time and day of the week.
At the same time, each time the button is pressed, the display of the day of the week corresponding to each switch-on time appears.

Setting the switch-on time
For the initial setting and each subsequent change to existing values, first call up one of the set switch-on times in the fields by pressing the key (4) (see A-C, fig. 36).
Release the key (4).
By pressing the keys (6) or (7) set the desired switching time. The set switch-on time remains in the memory and is called up with the key (4) so ​​that the heating is switched on again at the same time.

Setting the switch-on day

1.27 Display of the heater control panel Volkswagen Transporter T4 8 - indication of the set day of the week or the set day of switching on, 9 - indication of the active state of the heater, 10 - indication of: current time, heating duration, on time, fault code, 11 - indication of the autonomous heater mode "Ein ” (On) or “Aust” (Off)

At the initial setting and after each change of the previously entered day, you must first call up one of the switch-on times using the key (4) (see A - C, fig. 36).

Rice. 1.28 Setting the heater operation mode.

To set the switching day, keep the key (4) pressed.

Then, by pressing the key (7) set the desired switch-on day. After setting
If you do not make a new entry within 10 seconds after setting the switch-on time and/or day, the set value will be stored.

The digits 1,2 or 3 for the corresponding switch-on time remain and indicate that the heater is in standby mode. Turning on the heater manually, without using the timer

Press the key (5) - the icon (11) appears on the display.
After turning it on, it takes some time until it starts working.

Capacity adjustment

The amount of heat supplied is infinitely adjustable using the knob (1).
When the temperature set by you is reached, the heating system constantly maintains it at approximately the same level.

Duration of operation

When the ignition is off - switching on by means of a timer
When the ignition is off, the heater Transporter T4 operates for no more than four hours and then turns off.

With the ignition off - manual activation
After pressing the key (5, see Fig. 34), the heater will operate for no more than four hours with the ignition off.

At the time of switching on, the heater must not be controlled by a timer. When the ignition is switched on
By pressing the button (5) the heater is switched on for continuous operation.

At the time of manual activation, the heater must not be controlled by a timer. One-time change of the operating time
Switch on the heater by pressing the button (5) and keep the button pressed.
The operating time can be reduced or extended by pressing the keys (6) or (7). Release the keys after setting the desired operating time.
Changing the duration of operation (changing the set parameter)
Switch on the heater with the button (5) and keep the button pressed.
The operating time can be shortened by pressing the key (6) or extended by pressing the key (7). Release the key (5) and switch the unit on and off again with this key.
This time will be memorized as a setting for the ON duration, according to your wishes.

Switching on the heater (automatically - by timer)

Setting the switch-on on the timer On the left side of the display, after entering the switch-on time / after pressing the key (4), the number 1, 2, 3 appears (see 9, fig. 35).
When one of these numbers is constantly on the display, the heater is in standby mode and must turn on at the set time. Removing the heater temporary activation mode
If it is necessary to remove the heater temporary activation mode (but not change the activation time!), press the key (4) until the number (9) in the left part of the display field disappears.

Switching off the heater Т4

Press the key (5) to switch off the operating heater.

The icon (11) will disappear. After the heater is switched off, the fan continues to operate for some time. Fault indication

If one of the following fault codes appears on the display, it is necessary to correct the fault yourself based on the recommendations below.
If a fault code not listed below appears on the display, turn off the Volkswagen Transporter T4 heater and contact a VW service station.
F13 - turn off the heater, clean its air intake and turn on the heater again.
F52, F53, F54, F55 or F56 - turn off the heater and wait until the fan stops rotating.
Then turn on the heater again. Repeat this cycle no more than two times. If combustion in the heater still does not occur, check the presence of fuel. If these measures do not lead to success, contact a VW service station.
The outlet air duct is located behind the driver's seat in the step between the driver's compartment and the passenger compartment.
Find the heater air intake at the bottom left in the side upholstery under the left seat.
Do not block the air intake openings or the air outlet duct with anything, otherwise the switched on heater will turn off.

If the auxiliary heater The conveyor does not work

- check the degree of charge of the additional battery;
- check the fuses, replace them if necessary;
- set the timer correctly.

Windshield wipers T4 . Switch T4 .

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