Seat adjustment

Proper installation of seats Volkswagen Transporter T4 is necessary for:
- quick and easy access to the levers / control keys;
- a comfortable position when driving and driving;
- maximum efficiency of seat belts and airbags.

Adjust the position of your seat as described below.

Driver's seat

It is recommended to install the driver's seat as follows:
- adjust the position of the seat in the longitudinal plane so that the clutch pedal can be fully depressed with the foot slightly bent at the knee;
- adjust the position of the seat back so that the back rests completely against your back and you can reach the top of the steering wheel with your arms slightly bent at the elbows.

Front passenger seat

We recommend that the front passenger seat be installed as follows:
- the backrest in a position close to vertical;
- the seat is moved as far back as possible.
Longitudinal adjustment of the seat
♦ Pull the bracket (1, see fig. 40) up and slide the seat. Then release the handle, and move the seat a little further until the latch engages.

40 Adjusting the driver's and front passenger's seats 1 - seat adjustment in the longitudinal direction, 2 - additional seat adjustment in the longitudinal direction (for vehicles with an additional battery), 3 - adjustment of the lumbar support.

An additional battery is located under the left seat and is accessed as follows:
♦ move the seat all the way forward until it stops;
♦ then turn the handle (2) up and hold it in this position.
Move the seat all the way forward and release the handle. Now access to the additional battery is open.
To put the seat in the driving position, it is recommended to move it back until it enters the normal adjustment zone in the longitudinal direction.
When sliding the seat back, it is not necessary to use the handle (2).

Adjusting the backrest in the lumbar region

By turning the handwheel, the curvature (3) of the seatback in the lumbar region becomes larger or smaller.

It is recommended to find the most comfortable position for the back, in order to avoid fatigue, especially during long trips. Seat angle adjustment

Rice. 41 Seat angle adjustment

♦ Pull the handle (4, fig. 41) on the side of the seat up and turn the seat.
♦ To turn, move the seat forward or open the door.
If necessary, release the parking brake lever while immobilizing the vehicle by shifting into gear. Adjusting the position of the armrests
The armrests of the front seats can be folded up when not needed.
The degree of inclination of the armrests is smoothly regulated by rotating the regulator disc located under the armrest.

Seat backrest adjustment

♦ Lean back, turn the handwheel (6). To open the bottle holder at the front passenger seat, turn dial A (see Fig. 43). Clamps B will prevent the bottle from falling. To close the stand or remove the clamps, press button C.

42 Armrest and backrest adjustment 5 - Armrest adjustment
6 - Seatback tilt adjustment
7 - Bottle holder

Rice. 43 Bottle and glass holder


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