Body number (identification data)

The identification plate (see fig. 55) is located on the cab door pillar on the passenger side next to the door lock (see fig. 56). Body number Transporter T4 is located under the windshield, on the right side (see Fig. 57).

55 Nameplate of the Volkswagen Transporter T4 1 - internal factory number, 2 - identification number, 3 - model code, 4 - detailed model designation / engine power, 5 - letter designation of models, engine and gearbox, 6 - varnish (paint) number )/ interior equipment code, 7 - custom equipment code

Rice. 56 Identification plate on the door pillar on the passenger side

Rice. 57 Body number Transporter T4 under the front window

Explanation of the body number:
WVZZZZ70ZМН 000001
WV manufacturer code (VW AG concern),
ZZZ additions,
70 model designation (Transporter T4),
Z additions,
M year of manufacture of the car (M -1991, N - 1992, etc.).
H symbol of the manufacturer of the VW concern (H-Hannover, W-Wolfsburg, E-Emden, F-Ingolstadt, N-Neckarulm, K-Osnabrück, V-Brussels), 000001 serial number of the car.
The engine code and serial number (Fig. 58) are stamped on the front of the cylinder block above the oil filter. In a gasoline engine, the number is located under the second spark plug. In a diesel engine (Fig. 59), the number is stamped on the head of the block between the high pressure fuel pump (hereinafter - high pressure fuel pump) and the vacuum pump. The engine code allows you to determine (according to reference books) the working volume and the main parameters of the engine.

Rice. 58 Location of the code and number in the petrol engine

Rice. 59 Location of the number in the diesel engine

If it is necessary to replace the engine block (unlike the ZIL 130 engine ), a new block with the same code must be installed. Engine or body numbers must always be specified when ordering spare parts.

transmission T4 . Start T4 .

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